Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stalking Time #4

Title: Matters of the Heart
Incarnation: Fourth
Card: Ace of Cups

The Doctor lay on the floor of the TARDIS, breathing heavily. The wound was deeper than it seemed, causing agonizing pain but not enough to trigger the regeneration process.
His assistants went about the rooms, looking for anything that they could use to staunch the blood flow.

He was adamant about not using the great length of his scarf, citing some sort of sentimental attachment. K-9 was nearby, monitoring the Doctor.

“Master?” The metal whine of the robotic dog came from nowhere.
“Yes, K-9,” the Doctor gasped, still clutching his chest.
“Your hearts appear fine. Would you like me to cauterize your wound?”
“Oh, yes. Bless your wonderful machinery!”
By the time the rest of the crew had returned, the Doctor was up, leaning up against the TARDIS controls. “Would you like a jelly baby?”

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