About Stalking Time

To illustrate how the Tarot can apply to everyone in any situation, and to have a little bit of fun. I present Stalking Time. My Doctor Who themed Tarot story telling extravaganza!

Here’s what to expect. The issues of Stalking Time will be in Drabble format, that means they’ll be around 100-200 words. Each one will be based on a Tarot card drawn mostly at random from a deck of my choosing.

In these drabbles, each incarnation of the Doctor will be represented over time. I’ll be jumping from Doctor to Doctor without having consecutive Doctors in a row. Each Doctor will have his own story (11 stories all together). For example all stories involving the 5th Doctor will be a single on-going story that will take on more independence from the other 10 stories.

The Stories

First Doctor in The Longest Journey

Second Doctor in The Cosmic Clown

Fourth Doctor in Saving The World With Humans

Sixth Doctor in Tears of a Fool

Eighth Doctor in Half Right, There

Ninth Doctor in Rebel Yell

Eleventh Doctor in The Kindest Man

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