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You've seen ParaNorman, I'm ParaLacie. I'm a straight up medium and artist and writer of paranormal romance as well. I'm a funny girl, but I will not sugar coat. I use tarot as a means to focus myself and my guides.I'm a nerd a total nerd who's here to help you! Be warned, I may make pop culture references.


I believe like Doctor Who life events are not always set in stone. You can use a girl like me to help you figure out a solution you like.
Some events, have to happen they are fixed points. I can help you through those too! It's what I do. I was taught the hoodoo tradition, I can tell you what sort hoodoo you can do (or I can do if you want.) Mission:

I love to answer love questions, but will handle ALL questions. Career, Finance, Family and just about anything else you can ask!!
However I'm not a magic 8 ball don't shake me up with up with questions, let me answer them. But..I can not always promise superhappyfuntimes it just doesn't happen. Not even I have them, and I "see the future.." S
ometimes, even if you call me you still have to go through bad things it helps get you where you need to go. To the GOOD. Always remember that. That and someone loves you.

I am a Law of Attraction coach and root worker as well.

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