Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stalking Time #6

Title: First Flight

Incarnation: First
Card: The World
The Doctor walked around the display in shocked awe.

It was evident that in all his centuries, he had finally found it. “My dear, do you know what this is?”

“No, what is it, Grandfather? It looks old.”

“It is. The last Type 40 in the universe. Once the pinnacle of Time and Space travel. Well, relative dimensions in space. “

“Oh, a TARDIS.”

“Excuse me, dear?”

“Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. TARDIS. You did say it yourself, Grandfather.”

“Hmm, I do suppose I did. How about we go take a closer look?” The elderly Doctor looked around to see if anyone was watching before slipping in, dragging his granddaughter in behind him. Once inside, they marveled at the wondrous ship as the Doctor made his way to the main control panel.

“I’ve always wanted to fly one of these. I wonder, it should be just this…” he trailed off as he let his hands flutter about the control panel flicking switches and setting coordinates.
“Grandfather, we really ought to go. Besides, I don’t think they’d put a working TARDIS in the museum.”
“Hush. Let an old man have his fantasies. You wait until you’re my age.” The Doctor chastised lightly, flipping one of the switches again, causing the TARDIS to start wooshing and whirring before it disappeared into the time vortex.

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